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The Home Of  Mayhem Games!

This is the home of the Mayhem! I make videos for youtube and develop indie games that will be coming to a system near you. 

Check back regularly to News & Reviews for updates on what's going on and my thoughts on new titles and tech that are swarming the industry! 

Don't forget to check out the Games section. All of the new titles will be posted here with links to go and get them! I don't just make one genre of game either, you'll see plenty of variety appearing in the future.

There's a range of computers available in the PC Store and there will be more to come from budget models to the most ridiculously powerful systems around. Plus make sure you check back regularly if you like custom PCs because I'll be releasing one-off limited edition systems at random.

If you want me to play or review your game on here or on youtube just send me a message via the Contact page with a link and code and I will do my best to play it. If you ask me anything else I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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